Welcome to our blog on medical culture!  Our mission for this blog is to share guidance, boost confidence,  ponder relevant research, and provide tools for physicians, surgeons, and other medical professionals who find themselves in a wide variety of intercultural contexts such as hospitals, private practice, and global health initiatives.

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FAQ’s About Us

Dear Readers, Today we thought we’d address some common FAQ’s about us. For more information, please visit our website: http://www.allisonjweaver.consulting/ Here are some answers below: How Do Your Sessions Work? A. Our Approach 1. Our approach is primarily an alliance between the coach/consultant and the Client in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires the … Continue reading FAQ’s About Us

Research Tuesday: Theme: Body Language

Here is some recent research on body language. Educate yourself, and discover some helpful hints for your life or business. Modrzejewski, D. M. (2017). Social Identity and Its Influence on the Company Officer and Firefighter Relationship (Doctoral dissertation, Grand Canyon University). Bogova, H. S. (2017). Conflicts in the Workplace. In ИННОВАЦИОННЫЕ НАУЧНЫЕ ИССЛЕДОВАНИЯ: ТЕОРИЯ, МЕТОДОЛОГИЯ, … Continue reading Research Tuesday: Theme: Body Language

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