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Culture of the Week: Gibraltar (United Kingdom)

Gibraltar’s culture is very diverse. While there are prominent British and Spanish cultural influences, the ethnicities of Gibraltarians are a mix of Spaniards, Genoese, Maltese, Portuguese and British and other cultures. The main religious groups are Muslims, Jewish, Hindus and Christians, though many practice a syncretism between those religions and other worldviews/spiritualities. Though it is … Continue reading Culture of the Week: Gibraltar (United Kingdom)

Weekly Research Roundup: Psychology

This week’s research roundup consists of some fascinating Psychological research.  As usual,  some of this research may be available on the public domain, and all research is available through the respective journal websites listed below. We do not necessarily agree with the perspectives of the authors of these articles. Bergier, J., & Faucher, C. (2016). … Continue reading Weekly Research Roundup: Psychology

Weekly Roundup: Blogs of the Week

Here’s the weekly blog roundup. Shout out to the bloggers listed here. Keep producing excellent content. 1. Millionaire’s Digest- 6 Things True Leaders Do (2 min read) 2.  TPM- It’s Hard To Believe, But Not Everyone Likes Music 3. TIME- One Reason Health Care Vote Is So Tricky: Everything Involved Is Unpopular (very biased article, but it helps shed … Continue reading Weekly Roundup: Blogs of the Week

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