Gems of the Internet: A Weekly Blog Roundup

Here’s the weekly roundup of interesting blogs that really caught our attention this past week.

1) “What a burned out physician looks like will surprise you” by Anonymous Physician – Available on  Kevin MD’s  blog.
2)  “Defining Shame”  by Dr. Brené  Brown as shared on the Middle Seats blog.
3) “Empathy” by  Maya 41993. Here’s her blog.
4)  “Listen Up Australia, Language Matters!  by Multiconnections
5)    Atlantic Monthly’s Blog  had an interesting article update on the proposed  immigration ban.
6) “Unintended consequences of honouring what communities value and aspire to” by Melissa Robson – Check the blog out here.
7) A post on mental visualization – The Science of Success
8) Do you need inspiration? This post will help you fall back in love with  your work and things you are passionate about in life. Check out Making the Play’s blog here.
9) Next, we’d love to share with a cute   animated video on introversion and relationships from  Low Rent Lifestyle’s blog.
10) Finally… an international mom’s perspective on Cultural Intelligence: International Feelgood Academy

Bonus:  On Cross Cultural Kids/ Third Culture Kids.. A very fascinating blog post.

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