Culture of the Week: Ep 1: Coral Sea Islands (Australia)

Today we are launching a new series, where we will talk about the cultures of the territories and cultures of the world. Each week we will share the country or territory of the week, several cultural and business tips, and a song that is representative of a people group from that particular country or territory. We will be sharing countries and territories in order of their size, from smallest to largest.

We won’t be able to cover EVERY culture and people group from that territory or country. Once we finish one cycle through the countries and territories of the world, we’ll go back through and share other cultural tips, music, and people groups with you. The world is rich and diverse. Let’s celebrate this diversity of worldviews and cultures!

NOTE: The perspectives and worldviews of these cultures presented here do not necessarily represent the worldviews of our company.

This week, we’d like to share about the Coral Sea Islands (Australia). The Coral Sea Islands are a territory of Australia that is located off the coast of Australia.

Here are a few considerations for those conducting business or administering medical care in this region:

1. The Coral Sea Islands are largely uninhabited, except for a meteorological station on the Willis Islets.
2. The culture there is largely that of a scientific research community, and more aligned with traditional Australian, European, USA, and Canadian cultural influences.
3. The culture there is also one of independence, pioneering and exploration. It’s important to respect these cultural values when interacting with those living there.
4. The community is also close in terms of community relationships, in spite of having a culture of individualism. People generally support one another, because survival and safety are important.

Here is an example of one group’s research trip to the island:

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