Resources For Suicide Prevention

Suicide is a tough topic to discuss, but continues to  be a relevant problem in the industry of healthcare today. People know about the suicides in medical schools around the world, but few know about the high rate of suicide that’s happening among practising professionals, especially physicians and surgeons. We are not Psychologist by trade, so we thought we would share some relevant articles and tips from the psychological community.

“We are currently seeing unprecedented intent to improve mental health and prevent suicide from all levels of Government, what we need to do now is channel this energy into projects and services that make a difference on the ground. The NSPA conference has shown some brilliant of examples of what can be done to prevent suicide and we must continue to be ambitious in how we tackle it…Suicide rates are still unacceptably high. We are still losing too many brothers, sisters, parents, and friends. We now have a unique opportunity to come together to enact practical, proven solutions and save lives.” – Brian Dow, co-Chair of the NSPA and Director of External Affairs at Rethink Mental Illness

To read more about this issue from the National Suicide Prevention Alliance’s perspective, please read this article: If we act now we can make a real and lasting difference to suicide prevention

Another important article published by the British Psychological Society,  called It’s OK to talk this World Suicide Prevention Day,  discusses how people are being encouraged to reach out to others when life becomes overwhelming.

PLOS is another great resource for suicide prevention and other psychological topics.

Other organisations that are excellent for providing help for those struggling with suicide are: American Foundation for Suicide Prevention,  National Institute for  Mental Health, National Suicide Prevention Lifeline and the  Netherlands Suicide Hotline.

The last resource we’d like to provide today is the World Health Organization’s  Community Engagement Toolkit. You can download it here.

Please feel free to share this with others who may know people in need of help, and SAVE a life. 

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