Tackling Challenges

In every industry, there are a number of extremely difficult challenges. Today we thought we’d outline some of the ways we’ve overcome challenges.
1. Suffering and struggles help you grow. Keep that in mind when times get tough.

2. Build a core group of people around yourself that support you in all seasons, not just the good times.

3. Garbage in -> garbage out. Be aware of the people and things influencing your life and lifestyle. Eliminate people and things from your life that are harming you. Surround yourself with positive influences.

4. Write out your emotions. Deal with them one by one. Don’t numb them. Get professional psychological help to assist you with processing as needed.

5. Exercise and spend time in nature.

6. Always push towards your goals and celebrate when you reach them.

7. Use positive thinking and confident language to your advantage.

8. Take time to rest.

9. Learn from the past, while looking to the future and living in the present.

10. It’s ok to ask for help.

©Allison J. Weaver Consulting, LLC 2017


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