Social Media Overload?

In our current world, people are being inundated with advertising,  music, social media and video content.  Companies and individuals are constantly trying to outdo one another with the latest apps and technological innovations.  Is all this content actually beneficial to humanity?  Or is it detrimental?  Have we taken time to sit, reflect and listen, or are we just trying to scream to be heard above the noise and distractions?

You may have noticed, that we don’t post as often on social media as others and that our posts tend to be more relational than most.  While we will eventually grow things like our video budget in order to produce top-notch automated webinars and other content, we are not as focused on shiny attention grabbers as we are with providing relevant content and services. Right now, we have limited ourselves to our website, Facebook,  Tumbler, Linkedin, WordPress, and Twitter. Our YouTube site will be coming soon when we roll out some free content. However, when we post, we will be limiting our posts to content that people can actually use… In other words, we are not trying to waste any time, resources or energy.

While posting on social media, we try to ask ourselves the following questions:

1. What is our motive when posting this?
2. Is this content true?
3. Is the post necessary?
4. Is this post thoughtful and respectful? Are we considering our audience members’ responses?
5. Is this post/picture aimed at sharing something useful OR just bragging about accomplishments?
6. Could this post harm our business, relationships or reputation in any way?
7. Does this post reach our target audience and provide valuable content?
8. Is the content related in some way to our work, or is it completely random?
9. Are we posting at the right time and following practical media guidelines?
10. Did we do enough research before posting?
11. Did we post in the right frame of mind?
12. Were we too emotionally charged to write with a clear head?
13. Will our post be easily misunderstood by our audience?
14. If the topic is controversial, how are we writing in a way that is respectful to other worldviews?
15. Are our posts educational?
16. Do they show empathy as needed?
17. Is the tone appropriate?
18. Would we care if it was on the front page of a major newspaper?
19. What do we expect as a result of our post?
20. Are we simply seeking approval by posting, or are we putting others needs first?
21. Are we discontent?
22. Is this a moment that should not be posted on social media? Respecting privacy is a must.
23. How will we feel about this post in a year or ten years?
24. Why do we need to say this instead of someone else?
25. Are we upholding our value system and mission by posting this content?
26. Can this post wait for another time?

Instead of adding to the noise on social media, we want to encourage thoughtful discussion and commentary.  If we can make  positive changes through our work, it makes all the difference in the world.

We’d like to leave you with a challenging video by Julian Treasure on sound health. (With that being said, we think this can apply to media intake as well).  Feel free to watch it below:

©Allison J. Weaver Consulting, LLC 2017


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