Weekly Blog Roundup…. 1 Day Late

Well… yesterday we clearly didn’t post our weekly roundup! To make up for it, we’ll include 20 great blog entries instead of our normal 10.
1. Atlantic Monthly: Trump Reverses Obama-Era Protections on Student Debt
2. Association of American Medical Colleges: AAMC Statement on Release of President’s Budget Blueprint
3.  Real Passive Income Ideas:43 Best Passive Income Streams & Opportunities
4. Expat Books: L’Infant expatrié
5. Montreal Gazette: Obituary: McGill’s Ted Percy was a sports medicine pioneer
6. Dr. M.L. Saraf: Orthopedics Specialist Life
7. Language and Culture Blog: Lie to Me, your face and body reveals it (a glimpse into pop psychology)
8. derwombat- The Invisible Men of Everest
9. Quartz- Most People are Secretly Afraid of Creativity
10. Musings of Puppy Doc- Crossroads 
11. Microsiervos- Como teleportar el gato de Schrödinger
12. Calgary Herald-
France’s Languedoc region garners new fans
13.EMR & EHR – The Sad State of Healthcare – Fun Friday
14. Christian Mihai- Mountaintops and Stuff 
15. Kevin MD- How the ER Touches the Untouchables in Society
16.Health Affairs Blog-  What’s Behind  2.5  Million New Health Jobs?  
17. Untapped Cities-  Musicians Will be Playing Bach in Subway Stations New York’s Famed Woolworth Building 
18. Chase Jarvis LIVE- Brené Brown on CreativeLive 
19. Ian Kagey TEDxBerkleeValencia – “The Sky Isn’t Falling” Saving the Recording Music Industry 

©Allison J. Weaver Consulting, LLC 2017


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