Culture of the Week: Monaco

Today’s culture is the culture of the Principaute de Monaco, also known as Monaco. This little kingdom in the mediterranian is home to native Monegasque, French, Italians and other nationalities. While French is the official language, Italian and English are also popular. Here are some cultural tips for you when you visit, do business or work in the medical field there:

1. For its size, Monaco is very prominent in the world, and has mantained global influence over the centuries. It is well known for its tourist industry, casino industry, and exceptional cuisine, especially seafood dishes. The country is also known for its banking and financial district, investment, real estate, and other industries.

2. Land is limited, so major landowners tend to be more prominent members of society.

3. There are minimal class distinctions, because the majority of people are wealthy that live there. This has led to Monaco being a symbol of power and prestige. This has also led to a very high standard of living, and new money especially finds it very attractive. The interestin thing is that the majority of workers who are not in the wealthy elite and supporting the aformentioned industries do not live in the country. It is also a tax exempt state. When you go there, you can be sure that you will have an expensive stay.

4. Monaco’s culture really emphasizes the family. Fewer women are employed outside of the home than men, and there are many traditional values embraced. Nevertheless, women do work outside of the home and are involved in politics, though this has only been a reality since the 1960’s.

5. Speaking of families, famiies are the basic socail unity of society. The family is important as are connections of the family. Also, marriage is very important and Roman Catholicism tends to have a big hold on the culture. Social family ties and events are paramount. If someone has a family event,it will take more prominence than business events. Similarly, elders, especially grandparents, are treated with the umpost respect. People also difer to elders.

6. Etiquette is very important, especially when it comes to the respect for personal privacy and discretion. Similarly, old money and new money values are embraced.

7. The culture is also highly supportive of the arts and academia.

8. It’s a good idea to be truthful and full of integrity while working in this culture, especially due to the  influential nature of the individuals living there. Do not say that you are something that you are not. You never know what kind of connections you can make through your  actions of integrity.

Here is a  wonderful song by the Little  Singers of Monaco:

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