Weekly Roundup: Blogs of the Week

Here’s the weekly blog roundup. Shout out to the bloggers listed here. Keep producing excellent content.
1. Millionaire’s Digest- 6 Things True Leaders Do (2 min read)
2.  TPM- It’s Hard To Believe, But Not Everyone Likes Music
3. TIME- One Reason Health Care Vote Is So Tricky: Everything Involved Is Unpopular (very biased article, but it helps shed some light on the bigger picture)
4.Barbara Jean Conti Structural Integration –Focus on the Process for Success
5.Around the World Consultancy- Tips for working with people from different cultures
6.CrazyPanamanian, Crazy Panamanian Unplugged –5 Steps To Build A Leadership Culture
7. ViktorijaDpoint- Homesick – how to get over it?
8. Dr. Kyle Bangs – How Dangerous is Crossfit? 
9. thecluelessbutcuriousrider: Love to Win or Hate to Lose?
10.Stewart Gandolf, Healthcare Success: Angry Patients: 10 Ways To Deal With Them and Why You Definitely Should 
BONUS: NPR: U.S. Women Bumped From Top Spot In FIFA World Rankings

Would you like to share an article?  Comment below. 


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