Weekly Blog Roundup!

Dear Readers,

Here’s  the roundup. Once again, we don’t necessarily agree with all perspectives being presented by each author.

      1.  Communicating Across Boundaries wrote a post called “On Being Local”
      2.  Tamie Davis-  Hearing my TCK Searching for Stability
      3.  Spanish Berry-  Labels
      4. The Other Trail- Reflections from a Conference: Can Expats Use Their Skills to Influence the World
      5. The Clueless but Curious Rider-Love to Win or Hate to Lose?
      6. Rory –The Barefoot Medicine Clinic
      7. Cognitive Mindset-  Psychology of Pop Culture: Synthesis
      8. mqglp-In conversation with GLP Convenor, Dr Sabine Krajewski
      9. Business Law –Lancaster General Health: Understanding Colorectal Cancer
      10.  Orthea- How to Recognize Child Abuse, So You Can Stop It
      11. Barco di Sieta-  Arrivo a Perth
      12. British Psychological Society-You’re in my space! How preferred interpersonal distance varies across the world


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