A Few Thoughts…

Some of you have been wondering if we could give you a  case study of what we do… Unfortunately,  we do a lot of things that are HIPPA protected so we will have to share a more general example  of a situation in which communication is vital, and our services come in handy:

At hospital ‘X’,  surgeon “Y” and his attending “Z”, both males,  were dealing with a challenging case.  A lady from “S”  country, who was a very conservative Muslim needed a C-Section.  However, she and her family were not accustomed to having male doctors or members of the medical team working with the women in their family and were adamant about receiving treatment from an all female team. On Surgeon “Y’s” team, there was a mixed group of professionals working with him as usual. In normal circumstances, the team would have been able to broker this cross-cultural situation and try to meet her request. However, there was one catch… The woman and her family did not speak English, and the child’s life was at stake.  Through translators, they tried to explain that time was limited and that the baby would not survive if an operation did not happen immediately.   All of the other female surgeons on the staff were occupied with other cases, and could not be spared.  By the time the team finally convinced the family,  the child died.  The family blamed the surgical team and filed a suit. The family won. The team was left with many questions.

Since our company is not able to be on the floor with surgeons in situations like this, we often work with them in the aftermath to improve their communication cross-culturally and interpersonally, especially when time is limited.  The aforementioned situation is extremely traumatic and difficult to handle. Working with the Psychology, Psychiatry, and Social Work teams, our team comes along side of the client (in this case the surgical team), to help them develop strategies for improved cross-cultural communication and efficiency with patients when there are emergencies.   This is only one aspect of what we do,  so we encourage you to check out our website for more information: www.allisonjweaver.consulting

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