Saba (Netherlands)

Saba is a small island in the Caribbean with a diversity of cultures represented. Among them are those with roots in English, Scottish, Dutch and a variety of African nations. Saba is a small island and only measures 5 square miles. It is also hard to land boats there, so the population is small.  The population is only 1500 people, with 250 expats.farming, fishing, sailing, and shipbuilding for their livings; pirates sought haven there, too. They passed down a hardy nature necessary to survive the island’s conditions.

Farming, fishing, sailing, handcrafts,  brewing and shipbuilding are common trades,  in addition to tourism, especially ecotourism.  A variety of religions can be found on the island, though Catholicism is most prominent.

Tips for visiting:

  1. The people of Saba are very generous and kind.  Family is valued.
  2. They tend to have traditional and conservative values. Respect is prized.
  3. The community comes first.
  4. People tend to be more laid back in this culture.


Saba History. (2017). Saba Tourism. Retrieved April, 2017, from

A music video from the people of Saba courtesy of Saba Dutch Caribbean


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