Overcomming Fear

What is your biggest fear?  What’s your biggest fear about your job or your business?  Have you been successful at overcoming those fears or coping with them?  Coping is one thing, but overcoming is quite different.

Today we thought we would write about several  practical ways to overcome fear.

  1. Rewire your brain.  There is an old saying that says ” What you think you become.”  You can actually reprogram your brain to develop courage and confidence. Affirmations,  inspirational quotes, uplifting literature, meditation, and other techniques can help you rewire your brain.  You can also focus on the positive.  Gratitude is a huge help.
  2. Worried?  Develop a plan of attack.  If you are worried about a particular outcome, figure out what you would do in that situation and work out a plan.  Planning ahead can help avoid a lot of potential pitfalls.
  3.  Develop a support system of people who really care about you and have your best interests in mind. Those people are reliable and will be there for you in difficult situations.
  4. Face your fears. If something makes you scared ie.  heights, try to overcome it by doing something like bouldering to overcome your fear.  For more complicated things, deal with them head on.  Example = fear of failure. If you fear failure and you fail, go back the next day and try again. Don’t let fear paralyze you.
  5.  Imagine the worst case scenario and look at the evidence. Try to remove yourself from the situation and look at it objectively. Verbalizing it with others can help in the analysis of the fear. Some fears are really irrational and can be dismissed easily using this technique.
  6. Counseling.
  7.  AVOID perfectionism.  Many people in North America and Europe are plagued with perfectionism and it’s important to remember that life is messy. It doesn’t always look pretty and pristine. The media would have you think that celebrities and those with exorbitant amounts of wealth live a ‘perfect’ life.  Newsflash: That’s a lie.  Nobody lives a perfect life.
  8. Remember: Money and success only make people happy for a short time.
  9. Visualize a happy place where you feel safe and calm. This can help you calm your nerves and refocus.
  10. Numbing is not the solution.  Many people turn to ‘self-medication’ ie. drugs, alcohol, chocolate etc.   or other medication to solve their problems with anxiety and other unpleasant emotions. These are temporal solutions that cannot reach the deep roots of the problem.  Sometimes they can make matters worse.  In fact, sometimes the best cures for anxiety are things like taking a walk, sleeping 8 hrs (imagine that)  and eating a balanced diet.   Taking time for rest, contemplation, and relaxation, thus resetting the body and mind really can do wonders.
  11. For some, spirituality and religion are also excellent ways to cope with anxiety.
  12. Take control of your thoughts and imagination.  Journaling and therapy can especially help with this aspect. For those who don’t want to get therapy,  Life Coaching is an excellent alternative.
  13.  Deep breaths…
  14. Keep yourself grounded. Don’t let your circumstances rule you.  You can determine how your circumstances affect you and your responses to them. They don’t have to control you.  You can’t predict how your life will go, but you can control your response and your attitude.

We aren’t Psychologists or Psychiatrists,  but these things have been helpful to our team.  What would you add to this list? Feel free to comment below.

©Allison J. Weaver Consulting, LLC 2017


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