A Few Thoughts on a Rainy Friday

Teaching and training others is a very exhausting, yet rewarding profession. No matter the ages of the people you are training or working with,  there are always behavioral problems and miscommunications. Everyone in a teaching or training position will fail at least once. To fail, as one kindergarten teacher put it to her class, is  your “First attempt at learning.”  Why is it that USA and other cultures do not see that as true?  We expect everyone to be 100% perfect and then we shame those who don’t live up to the impossible standard…

Instead of doing that, why don’t we see growth as a flower garden? It needs constant care, weeding, watering, and sunlight before it can be a thing of beauty.  This is how one develops and grows both personally and professionally.  So let’s go back to the basics of mentorship, and cultivate young employees.  We are online, so we dont’ get a ton of face time with our team in person. However, the time we do get is valued and treasured.  What can you do to cultivate the next generation?

Similarly, client and relationships take care and kindness to become long lasting connections. Let’s stop rushing and take the time to care more about our clients.

I think many of our readers are doing this well, but it’s always a good thing to remind ourselves that there is a balance of patience, kindness, high standards and excellence that must be upheld in our professional lives.



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