What if…

Here are a few “What if…” questions for your inspiration.

  • What if you had all the resources you needed to fulfill your dreams?  What would you do?
  • What if you moved to another country or moved your business to another country? How would that be different?  How would it be the same?
  • What if you could change your worldview and help another person?
  • What if you were famous for your positive character and good deeds, and not your accomplishments?  What would that mean for you?
  • What if you had 2 months to live? How would that change your life?

We find that many people don’t take the time to actually sit back and ask questions that allow them to dream. Find a little time to dream and think out of the box today. You’ll be surprised with the results.  You don’t even need to take more than 15 minutes or your commute home from work today… only take the time to clear your head and dream.


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