How to Positively Handle Criticism

Today, we will share some positive ways to handle criticism.

1. Listen to what the other party has to say. Many times there is something you can learn, even if the person’s claims are not 100% true.
2. Keep in mind: thoughtful criticism is helpful and can build trust between people.
3. Make sure you keep things in perspective. Don’t let your pride or emotions carry you away. Humility is key.
4. Respond in a calm manner.
5. Remember that there may be cultural differences involved.
6. Ask questions to understand the feedback that the person is giving to you, and develop an action plan.
7. If the person or people giving you criticism are highly emotional when they are talking to you about the issue, make sure that you ask for another time to follow up with the conversation when both of you are calmer.
8. Thank the person or people for their feedback.
9. Don’t dwell on the criticism. Glean what is useful from the critique for your improvement, and move on.

Dr. Brené Brown also has a lovely talk on this topic:


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