Blog Roundup: Various Topics

13181258_1043733419046112_1837823006_nThis week’s blog roundup consists of several different kinds of blogs of interest. We hope you enjoy the variety of perspectives presented here.

1. Orthobuzz – Sports Medicine Update-

2. TheraSport Physical Therapy- Strength Training and Conditioning-

3.Dr. Fitness -Achilles Tendonitis -

4. Author Viswanath- Self- Talk Improves Sports Performance -

5. Tanzania Stories – Stability –

6. The Trotter Family- The Temporary Intimacy of Expat Life (and my search for rootedness) {A Life Overseas}-

7.notanothertckblog -Depression and the TCK-

8.Mind, Body & Stomach- Pain & Health-

9. health1493- ACL and Meniscus Injuries – causes, symptoms, and treatment –

10. Dr. Jared Burch, Physical Therapist-Muscle Shortening: What is it, physiology behind it, how to use it -

11.Nelsonecom -Advantages of orthopedic surgical treatment-

12.pacificaorthopedicshuntingtonbeach – Advantages of orthopedic surgical treatment -

13. Gary Forrest Edwards – -Dr. Gary Forrest Edwards: Chiropractic Orthopedics –

14. CS Grit – Strum –

15. Crazy Nerds – What Not to Do –

16. Make it Ultra- How to Recover from a Mistake using G.R.O.W.T.H. –

17. Creatorspoint – Happy Me-

18. Culture 99 – Intercultural Communicative Competence Conference, Prague, 22nd to 23rd June 2017-

19. Edupliance- 5 tips to Stop Harrasment in the Workplace -

20. Desu Blog- High and Low Context in Japan and Finland –

21. Dr. John Flynn- The Irish Fight Clubs –

22. Tips for the Medical Tourist- Quality-

23. OKTHENWHATSNEXT- NHS and Private Healthcare-

24. The junior Doctor- Patient Confidentiality is an Illusion -

25. Amos- Shin Splints. And Where to Find Them. How to Fix Them. Etc.-

26. Business Psychology -The Entrepreneur’s Wound –


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