Research Roundup: Psychology

Here are a few articles of note that were published recently. We have sorted them by date:

Terrelonge, Dion N., and Andrew JB Fugard. “Associations between family and clinician ratings of child mental health: A study of UK CAMHS assessments and outcomes.” Clinical Child Psychology and Psychiatry (2017): 1359104517713240.
Wen, Y., L. Yan, and L. LiMin. “AB0545 Effect of empathy nursing on the life quality of thepatients with systemic lupus erythematosus.” (2017): 1241-1242.
Popp, Jerome. “Social Intelligence and the Explanation of Workplace Abuse.” SAGE Open 7.2 (2017): 2158244017715076.
Clifton, Allan, and Gregory D. Webster. “An Introduction to Social Network Analysis for Personality and Social Psychologists.” Social Psychological and Personality Science (2017): 1948550617709114.
Maurer, Todd J., Chad A. Hartnell, and Michael Lippstreu. “A model of leadership motivations, error management culture, leadership capacity, and career success.” Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology (2017).
Jafari, Arian, et al. “Ethical review board-approved protocols and intent to use open practices in research on human subjects in Sweden.” (2017).
Conway, Paul M., et al. “When do negative acts reflect experienced workplace bullying? Identifying optimal cut-off points on the Short-Negative Act Questionnaire.” EAWOP
2017. 2017.
Osibanjo, Adewale Omotayo, et al. “An Assessment of Workplace Deviant Behaviours and Its Implication on Organisational Performance in a Growing Economy.” Journal of Organizational Psychology 15.1: 90-100.
Parsuram, Ameeta. “Instructional Psychology.” ICSSR Indian Psychological Abstracts and Reviews 18.1&2 (2017).

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