Tools and Tips: Time

Time is short. We know that we lack sufficient time to do everything we wish to do. Time is often more valuable than finance, especially when it comes to quality of relationships. We know this to be true in business connections, but it is especially pertinent in the case of working with clients and patients. Some people feel that they do not have time to get to know their clients or patients. However, taking that time is very useful for improving quality of care. Here are a few questions to ask yourself as you think through your relationships with clients and patients:
1. How am I interacting with my clients/patients? Do I see them more as a financial opportunity or as a person?
2. How can I improve my interactions with clients/patients and give them high quality services/care?
3. What is one area I can work on improving as far as these interactions are concerned? How can I reach that goal?

These are only a few questions to consider.

Below, you will also find a very practical way to get to know your clients. This is a short talk by Butch Bellah:


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