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The Medical Culture Blog is a brainchild of Allison J. Weaver Consulting, LLC.

Our mission for this blog is to share guidance, boost confidence,  ponder relevant research, and provide tools for physicians, surgeons, and other medical professionals who find themselves in a wide variety of intercultural contexts such as hospitals, private practice, and global health initiatives.

A little about our company:

We help clients navigate and enhance cross-cultural relationships, improve interpersonal communication with colleagues and patients and promote the well-being of physicians and medical staff, through interpersonal, language and cross-cultural business coaching. In addition to working with those currently practicing medicine, we also specialize in working with International Medical Graduates and ECFMG’s.

We know your time is limited, and so is ours. That’s why this blog is dedicated to committed professionals who are leading the way toward the improvement of their departments, institutions, and the world. We also attract readers who are globally minded and wish to work towards the improvement of patient care and the well-being of medical staff.

We hope that you enjoy the content that you find on this blog!


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