Marketing Tips That Don’t Work and a Few Other Thoughts…


Let’s face it. Traditional marketing and advertising is going out of style… period.

Today ,we’ll share some things that don’t work with marketing.

Things that don’t work:
1. An overload of media and advertising bombards everyone  daily. This is sometimes known as over saturation. This can and often does desensitize the viewer to the ads they see regularly.
2. Too much sex marketing is useless. Sex appeal has often been a big seller, but now it’s overused. Instead of stimulating the viewer to buy, it’s not grabbing the audience in the same way nowadays. Again, this is the concept of TOO much input.
3. E-mail marketing doesn’t work either, unless you are personally connected to people.
4. Social media marketing doesn’t work a well as it formerly worked in earlier times. There is no guarantee that people will see your posts, and you can’t rely entirely on these outlets to grow you followers. Grass roots marketing and personal connections are very important. Pick only the social media tools that you really need.
5. If you promote yourself only, and don’t tell a good story, people won’t take you seriously. They may also think you are arrogant.
6. Marketing a product that is not exceptional, unique or not high quality won’t sell, unless you are crafty.
7. Traditionally , cold calls, direct mail, and elevator pitches ruled the day. This doesn’t work anymore. Now, salespeople do less selling and MORE “consulting and coaching” to help validate what the buyer has already discovered through their research.
8. TV, Radio and Print media that interrupts what the potential customer is doing to hopefully make them pay attention, is NOT worth people’s time. In fact, 60% of ads run during major sporting events don’t lead to an increase in purchase or buying interest. This is even the true online. In fact, the potential buyer tends to move away from the product if it’s intrusive.
9. Telling doesn’t work as well as showing. Young people in this generation in the Western hemisphere don’t want to be TOLD what to do or what to buy. They want to be included in the conversation.
10. Fly by night marketing won’t work.
11. People who try marketing without doing much research, generally get nowhere.
12. A lack of delegation gets the CEO nowhere. If you are not great at something or don’t have time to do it, make sure you outsource as soon as possible.
13. A person who doesn’t create good systems and processes to automate marketing will have a hard time making it in this competitive environment.
14. People who rely on one channel for marketing, tend to have a harder time with marketing. Do your research. What does your market want? Don’t be too proud to adjust to what your market needs.
15. Companies that really fail to engage their audiences aren’t spending enough face time with people.
16. Make sure all of your marketing content is the highest quality you can afford. People often skimp on their marketing budget, and experience poor results.
17. Wording is key. People who don’t use the right words or show how they are different from the pack, really don’t make a difference.
18. People lacking goals and passion, don’t generally do well…
19. Using the wrong technology will cause setbacks.
20. People without a niche tend to waste time and money by being generalists.

Those are just a few things we’ve learned over time. With that being said, we are still revamping and remodeling our company’s brand and marketing. Stay tuned as we begin to roll out the new model.


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Hi Everyone,
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Saba (Netherlands)

Saba is a small island in the Caribbean with a diversity of cultures represented. Among them are those with roots in English, Scottish, Dutch and a variety of African nations. Saba is a small island and only measures 5 square miles. It is also hard to land boats there, so the population is small.  The population is only 1500 people, with 250 expats.farming, fishing, sailing, and shipbuilding for their livings; pirates sought haven there, too. They passed down a hardy nature necessary to survive the island’s conditions.

Farming, fishing, sailing, handcrafts,  brewing and shipbuilding are common trades,  in addition to tourism, especially ecotourism.  A variety of religions can be found on the island, though Catholicism is most prominent.

Tips for visiting:

  1. The people of Saba are very generous and kind.  Family is valued.
  2. They tend to have traditional and conservative values. Respect is prized.
  3. The community comes first.
  4. People tend to be more laid back in this culture.


Saba History. (2017). Saba Tourism. Retrieved April, 2017, from

A music video from the people of Saba courtesy of Saba Dutch Caribbean

Why You Won’t Find Psychologists or Psychiatrists On Our Current Team…

Some of you may be surprised that in improving team dynamics and cross-cultural communication within the context of patient care and medical professional well-being, we don’t have any Psychiatrists or Psychologists on our team. In this post, we’ll explain why this is our current model.

1. The first reason why we don’t have any Psychologists, Psychiatrists on our current team is because we partner with departments and individuals at the clients’ locations that specialise in those fields. We also work with Social Work and HR teams in conjunction with the aforementioned departments and our direct clients’ departments. Example: If our client is the Department of Radiation Oncology at an institution, we connect to their department and any other department that would be able to collaborate with us and our client to develop strategies to overcome the problems at hand.

2. Along with point 1, we prefer to tap into existing systems and resources that our clients have in place and save the client money. We don’t want the client to have to pay expensive consulting fees for mental health professionals when they have exceptional individuals working with them on their staff.

3. Moreover, we have noticed that many Physicians and Surgeons are wary of seeking the help of mental health professionals, because of concerns regarding renewals of licences and the way that seeking mental health looks on their record. Some even suffer silently, because they are worried about losing the permission to do their jobs. When it comes to patient care, it’s easier for them to collaborate with other professionals.

4. At present, we are taking a slightly different approach to cross-cultural communication and well-being, in that we are focusing on a language and cultural approach. Our model takes things from interpersonal communication, diversity and linguistic angles, focusing on strategies to build teams and prevent breakdowns that can lead to more serious situations and the need for mental health professionals’ guidance. Also, we help our clients ‘clean up’ in the aftermath of a messy situation involving language, culture or diversity, and develop tools for avoiding the same situation in the future. In all of these cases, we regularly collaborate with mental health professionals, but our lens is more focused on the culture and communication piece.

5.  As language and culture professionals, we focus on consulting and coaching, not counselling. Here are a few definitions for your consideration:

  • Coaching: Coaching develops leadership, strategy, relationships and communication through facilitation, accountability, listening, and challenge.
  • Consulting: Giving expert advice, strategies, expertise, and experienced opinions to clients on decisions and situations of importance. Consultants are specialists in their field.
  • Counselling: Helping people resolve psychological or mental health problems, through licenced mental health counselling.

Again, let it be very clear: We do not offer psychological, psychiatric or other mental health counselling in our sessions. We also do not offer therapy.

So what is our focus more specifically? 

The main focus is on helping each client navigate and enhance cross-cultural relationships, improve communication with peers and patients. We also use the aforementioned language and cultural tools to foster positive environments that improve well-being and efficiency in medical teams.

Our coaching/consulting relationship is a partnership which:

  • Unlocks a potential to maximise performance.
  • Allows the client flexibility
  • Encourages accountability
  • Helps clients learn by doing
  • Inspires creative thinking, growth, and strategies
  • Provides structure, advice and guidance

Our Responsibilities When Working With Clients:

1. Ask questions, encourage, advise, challenge, make requests and listen.
2. Keep you on track with your goals, values and vision.
3. Value clarification, identifying plans of action, and examining modes of operating.
4. Giving feedback and empowering actions.
5. Provide and facilitate sessions.
6. Customise sessions to fit each client’s need.
7. Demonstrate 100% commitment to the process.

Responsibilities of the Client:
1. Expect Your Best – Give Your Best Effort.
2. Be Willing to Change and Take Action.
3. Be Open to Feedback.
4. Do the Required Homework.
5. Let Your Coach Know How You Feel About the Process.
6. Be Committed and Focused.
7. Request Adjustments as Needed to Help Your Learning.
8. Understand That You Will Grow.
9. Be Willing to Step Up to Face the Challenge.

Will Coaching Really Help?
Check out this helpful article from the Harvard Business Review for more information:

To learn more about us and our model, please visit our website.

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©Allison J. Weaver Consulting, LLC 2017

Culture of the Week: Monaco

Today’s culture is the culture of the Principaute de Monaco, also known as Monaco. This little kingdom in the mediterranian is home to native Monegasque, French, Italians and other nationalities. While French is the official language, Italian and English are also popular. Here are some cultural tips for you when you visit, do business or work in the medical field there:

1. For its size, Monaco is very prominent in the world, and has mantained global influence over the centuries. It is well known for its tourist industry, casino industry, and exceptional cuisine, especially seafood dishes. The country is also known for its banking and financial district, investment, real estate, and other industries.

2. Land is limited, so major landowners tend to be more prominent members of society.

3. There are minimal class distinctions, because the majority of people are wealthy that live there. This has led to Monaco being a symbol of power and prestige. This has also led to a very high standard of living, and new money especially finds it very attractive. The interestin thing is that the majority of workers who are not in the wealthy elite and supporting the aformentioned industries do not live in the country. It is also a tax exempt state. When you go there, you can be sure that you will have an expensive stay.

4. Monaco’s culture really emphasizes the family. Fewer women are employed outside of the home than men, and there are many traditional values embraced. Nevertheless, women do work outside of the home and are involved in politics, though this has only been a reality since the 1960’s.

5. Speaking of families, famiies are the basic socail unity of society. The family is important as are connections of the family. Also, marriage is very important and Roman Catholicism tends to have a big hold on the culture. Social family ties and events are paramount. If someone has a family event,it will take more prominence than business events. Similarly, elders, especially grandparents, are treated with the umpost respect. People also difer to elders.

6. Etiquette is very important, especially when it comes to the respect for personal privacy and discretion. Similarly, old money and new money values are embraced.

7. The culture is also highly supportive of the arts and academia.

8. It’s a good idea to be truthful and full of integrity while working in this culture, especially due to the  influential nature of the individuals living there. Do not say that you are something that you are not. You never know what kind of connections you can make through your  actions of integrity.

Here is a  wonderful song by the Little  Singers of Monaco:

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